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Our therapists are in-person or virtual from anywhere in New Mexico
If you are interested in services, please fill out the Therapy Request Form 
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Our Philosophy


At Thrive Counseling Services Albuquerque Downtown and Rio Rancho,
we are inclusive and affirming.
We love this community and all of its inhabitants,
regardless of what country they are from, what or whom they do or do not worship,
who they love, the gender they were born or identify as,
or any other characteristic which might exclude.
Our therapists know
that you are not your behaviors or your past.
We understand that you are a mother, a father,
a daughter, a son, a partner, a friend, and so many other things
before you are a label or diagnosis.

At Thrive Counseling Services, we care about our clients as people. 
We will work to support you in achieving your goals
 utilizing science-based and holistic therapies.
Whatever it is you're struggling with, we're here to help.

Client Testimonials

"So happy to have found this group. While searching for a therapist for my son, I called so many offices only to be turned down due to age, not accepting patients, or waiting time of over a month. But not with this office. We were able to see a therapist quickly, appointments have been flawless, billing has been no problem. The connection between my son and the therapist has been so solid that its helped
him tremendously with his recovery. I can not recommend them enough." - IM

"I have been seeing Lindsey at Thrive for a little over 9 months now. I have felt more comfortable and at ease in her care than I ever have in previous mental health therapist’s care. Having a tremendous amount of trauma to work through has been challenging but with the support, insight, fortitude and encouragement from Lindsey I have been able to tackle these issues head on. I have seen life-altering changes in my behaviors that have positively contributed to my own growth and feelings of self-worth. The administrative efforts have also been stellar. I HIGHLY recommend this organization and Lindsey to anyone who is ready to begin talk therapy. Thank you to Lindsey and to Thrive for the immeasurable benefit you have added to my life."  - SF

"After having my son I began to struggle with anxiety and OCD. I knew I needed to seek help which is not easy for me to admit. I was at a very low place when I first came to Demian and he made me feel safe and reassured me that I was not alone in my struggles. He provided me with knowledge about what I was dealing with, and taught me skills to overcome and manage my struggles. He honestly changed my life 100% and I could not be more grateful for his guidance. Demian is amazing at what he does and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help." -MS

Are you feeling lonely, uncertain, hopeless, out of place,

worried, or just want someone to talk to?

We all feel these emotions at different times in our lives, but sometimes they overwhelm us when they are too strong or all happen at once. 

Sometimes they come from specific situations, like the loss of a loved one  or a drastic change in our lives. 

Sometimes we have no idea why we are feeling the way that we do. 

At Thrive Counseling Albuquerque, we  can support you in managing stress,  sadness or depression, anxiety, anger, grief, 

and other concerning or painful issues. 

When choosing a therapist in Albuquerque, consider that we have  years of experience and training working with adults, families

and  adolescents struggling with many issues.

We are here to lend an ear and give kind and gentle direction. 

Help for addiction

Are you a living a life that is painful for you or those you care about? Do you want to make some changes?

Whether you’re looking for addiction counseling or therapy for other self-harming behaviors, at Thrive Counseling Services 

Albuquerque and Rio Rancho,

we want to support you in making positive changes.

We are trained and experienced in providing a non-judgmental, caring, and supportive environment for you to begin this process.

We can help you find a therapist that has experience treating alcohol and substance misuse. Whether you want  help in harm-reduction, cutting down your substance-use or quitting completely, our therapists can help you live the life that you really want to live. 

Thrive Counseling
 We are proud to be a locally owned and operated therapy clinic here in 

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